Lux (PvE)​​​​
(Click on Globe for Map)
The health of Statera relies on this bustling community of peaceful island life. Will you own a active port on the River of Peace or a private Island camp? Claim your stake today on this welcoming server full of opportunity and adventure!

Come live De-LUX
  • ​​ ​​Custom 4k Map
  • PvE experienced GM and Moderators
  • PvE Style Events
  • Economic Boosting custom content
  • Bounty Mod and custom content for earning gear and funds!
  • Bult for ease of travel by any means.
Vex (PvP)​​​​
​​ ​(Click on Globe for Map)
The Island of Vex is the land of risk. Every turn a PvP opportunity, and rumor has it, riches beyond any Wurmian dream! Finally a longterm PvP option with new content and active caring GMs! 

Come get Vexed......

  • Custom 2K Map
  • PvP Experienced GM
  • PvP based events monthly
  • NO GM Interference
  • Hota every 37 HRs in Center
  • Base Kingdoms
  • Built to induce PvP situations!