Lux events september
currently no planned events
the stronghold of gow
The god of war has build his own stronghold on the hota isle full of juicy loot. this stronghold will be rebuild when raided.

the place wil be better protected every time the place is being raided and refilled with loot.

rebuilds and restocks will happend randomly and unannounced so make sure to check back every now and then.
Ancient Ruins (Raid Adventures)
The Ancient Ruins is a active event ran every few weeks on both Lux and Vex. A storyline will be attached to these randomly built strongholds and ruins, that you the players must navigate your ways into, and sometimes out of! Catapulting, lockpicking and teamwork will reap your group the benfits of the ruins! Which can range from high end gear and tools to Tomes, Unique items, skill scrolls or even the crown to a kingdom! 
Foriegn Caravans and natives
The Foriegn Caravans and Natives will be generated randomly through each month. They will be randomly moved merchants carrying wagons, transporters or even high end items in their inventories for players to find, loot or buy! High end items will have a small chance to appear ranging down to more practical items. Will you be a master of robbing the trade routes?
Scrolls and Books of Skill
Scrolls of Skill will be a custom item to Statera, and will be available in 3 forms. Rare, Supreme and Fantastic. They will be titled as "Scroll of Platesmithing" and when traded in they will give you an amount of skill in the skill based on the rarity.

Books of skill give you an afinity when traded in. affinitys are permanent skill gain boosts, and you can get up to 5 of them in the same skill.

to trade in scrolls or books you can ask a gm (preferably in discord) and he will come over and trade you. after you handed it over your skills or afinnitys will be added