montly booster pack (settler pack)
The items it contains change monthly. one allowed per person a month.
this month contents (OCTOBER 2017):
  • 2k Bricks (choice of material)
  • 500 Sand and 500 Clay
  • 70QL Chain Armour Set
  • 70QL Weapon of Choice
silver ​10s
one silver bundle allowed per person per month.

trouble covering deed upkeep?
trolls ate your armor?
no worries! the statera crew got you covered.
resource tile
comes in clay, tar or peat. (2x2)

Tired of those long walks to the resources tiles
or your vehicle has poor cargo hold?
Just bring the resources​ closer to you!

bundle of 5 sleep powders                                   
Limit 1 bundle per month

Get your skills up with these powders.
1 Hour of sleep bonus per powder.

large magical chest

Keep your items safe from decay!
auto fill fountain

this fountain will fill up with water even if its
not on a water source tile.


if you forget to add a name you can put in a support ticket with your paypal name so we can verify
Secure Paypal Buttons will be available on server release!