Weekly News Release

1st October 2017

As a result of the Poll voting, Meditation, Faith and Bounty Mods have been updated
and Shop has been updated with October's offering

The Treasure Map settings have been altered as a result of testing on the test server

29th September NEWS

We are currently asking the membership about potential changes to Medidtation, Faith and Bounty mods. Go in to discord to register your vote

Statera Development Server

The Dev Server is LIVE. It's a completely new map which you can find here:- http://www.scofz.com/sol In the server list look for Statera Dev Server. The Server password is denon - there are no deeds and the server will be periodically wiped. The Dev Server has the same mods as Lux/Vex but the Treasure Map mod has been updated as we try to improve it


You can now claim loot by finding a Treasure Map, then locating the treasure and killing off the mobs. Full details here:-


We are now paying for proper Highways, Tunnels and Towers (off deed).
There are building rules to be followed for an universal appearance across the server.
click here for the roadbuilding rules.

here are the payouts:
  • Highways: 5s per 100 tiles
  • Tunnel: 7.5s per 100tiles
  • Tower: 1s per 10ql up to QL50

​recent changes:

scroll of skill RE-revamp. so we changed the way scrolls of skills work last month to balance them better for lategame. But with doing that we made the rare and supreme scrolls not really usable for someone who found them with already higher level in that skill. With that in mind, we are going to change it so that you can use them even after their current lvl use at a lower rate. picture related